Mountain Resort Jobs for the Summer

Mountain resorts in the United States of course will offer great winter jobs when the snow is on the ground, but many of them also offer up a good deal of summer jobs as well. More and more, mountain resorts are starting to stay open year-round as the tourists just seem to keep coming. This is wonderful news for you if you are looking for a summer job at a mountain resort near you.

Many resort summer jobs will be much the same as the winter jobs in that they will center on the tourists and their desires. Here are some of the more common summer jobs that can be found at a mountain resort:

•    Summer Camp: Many resorts will offer fun filled summer camps for the children of the area and for the children that are visiting the area. This is a great opportunity for you to find a great paying and very rewarding summer job as a camp counselor at one of these summer camps. It is the perfect scenario if you enjoy the outdoors and enjoy sharing your knowledge with the younger generation.

•    Tour Guide: Many resorts will offer to give tours of the mountainous area in the summer time and will show their guests all that the mountain has to offer. Again this is the perfect opportunity for an outgoing and outdoor loving person to find a great summer job at a mountain resort. Because there are often different areas that are shown off in these resorts that means that your chances of landing a job are even greater.

•    Fishing Guide: Much like a tour guide takes the tourists and guides them through the mountains themselves, a fishing guide will take the tourists through the process of catching fish. Resorts have the most incredible fishing opportunities around and if you are an experienced angler, then you can put your skills to work as a fishing guide. As a fishing guide you will do everything from bait hooks, to taking fish off the line. In the end you will get to earn a paycheck for helping others enjoy a fun filled day of fishing.

•    Rental Office: Resorts will often rent various sporting equipment to those who wish to participate in the endless outdoor fun. Many mountain resorts will therefore have a rental office open during the summer where tourists can rent a canoe, a mountain bike, fishing equipment, and the like. This offers you the opportunity to get a good paying job working in the rental office. From rentals to management, these jobs can be both challenging and rewarding and are the perfect fit if you are a sports enthusiast and have an upbeat attitude.

Mountain resorts may be busiest in the winter time when the snow is on the ground and the skiers are in the area, but that doesn’t mean that there is a shortage of jobs in the summer time. If you are a sociable person who loves the outdoors, then you should have no problem at all finding a summer job at a mountain resort.

Ways to Make Money in the Great Outdoors

Are you a nature lover? Do you love being outdoors, even in the nastiest of weather? Do you feel like you would rather die than work in a cubicle? If so, you may be perfectly set up to find ways to make money living the dream and working outdoors. There are many things you can do to get yourself out in the great wide open and soak up the sun instead of the fluorescent lighting in a stuffy office building.

Sometimes establishing yourself in an outdoor career is tough, but still possible through government organizations like the Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management. Getting educated in these fields will definitely help your chances, and often these jobs take many years of seasonal work before you develop ways to make money in a full-time career. But, the reward could be great if you have always wanted to be that park ranger or tour guide in a national park.

Other volunteer organizations are often a good way to get your foot in the door as you establish ways to make money out in the open air. Greenpeace, the Peace Corps, or even private groups like the Sierra Club could be your ticket to success. You may get an opportunity to travel to different parts of the globe as well which could be exciting as well. Many of these groups have full paying jobs that can be had by the most dedicated people. If you are also of the right political ilk as the leaders of these groups you will have a greater chance to establish in a career with them.

You can also venture into your own private business endeavor to find ways to make money working outdoors. Maybe you have a love of fishing and already have a boat big enough to charter out and do fishing tours, or have the right plot of land and location for setting up a dude ranch. No matter what the idea, you can definitely do whatever you want to keep yourself outside and make money doing it.

Regardless of which route you take toward finding ways to make money outdoors, always keep in mind no matter how hard it gets you are still not sitting in a stuffy little cubicle. While the money may get thin, or business becomes hard to grow, you can always find that satisfaction in the simple fact that you are where you want to be.